Want to become a master traveler? Here’s how:


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  1. Book at least 2 months before a trip: according to analysis by flight-booking experts, flight tickets are at their cheapest around 54 days before takeoff. You do the math.
  2. Don’t work when you travel: if you’re out to travel, then just travel. Don’t mix it up. What’s the point any other way?
  3. Follow the 80/20 rule: carry 20% of your necessities that Adidas Originals Herren Superstar 2 Sneakers Weiß/schwarz should cover 80% of possible travel scenarios.
  4. Unplug: no mobiles, no internet, no FB, no Instagram, no mails. Pure travel.
  5. Travel alone: make new friends, new experiences, new stories. Expand your world with each new place you go to.
  6. Brief yourself on cultural differences: you know where you’re going. Find out unique differences so that you’re not lost in the system of the place.
  7. Ask for the window seat: this is self-explanatory.
  8. Talk to Nike Lebron Xiv Low locals: find out where they go, what they do in their city.
  9. Pick a dream destination, then find a low-cost alternative: to travel often, you’d need to do this. Not only does it lower the cost of travel, but you might end up going to a place no one’s been to before.
  10. Don’t let anything daunt you: a bad day or a bad plan shouldn’t pull you down. Make the best of the place you’re visiting.

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