Travel to Puerto Rico. Here’s why

Wash away the blues in the land of the blue waters. Here’s a short list of why Puerto Rico is the place to be:

1. The coast of Vieques is only a hop from the main island, and snorkelling there will totally amaze you.
2. The Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay, a beach that glows in the dark! Yes, you got that right. It emits a blue haze, thanks to the unique microorganisms that live there.
3. The view of the Atlantic Ocean from Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, a breathtaking historic fortress in Old San Juan, will blow your mind.
4. Try the delicious fried plantain dish known as mofongo and forget any other delicacy you’ve ever had.
5. Visit the awesomely fantastic Guanica Dry Forest, one of the largest dry forests in the entire world.
6. Check out the Nuyiorcan Cafe for a wild evening of salsa.
7. For the unconventional side of you, you can also swim with manatees and humpback whales.
8. Coffee! One sip and you’ll be addicted.
9. Go treasure hunting to Puerto Hermina, a quiet beach in Quebradillas that used to be a smuggler’s cove.
10. And if that wasn’t enough, here you’ll find chocolate that is fair game for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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