Fairly rated as one of the most famous treks in the world, and by far the most famous one in South America; the Inca trail is an adrenaline-fuelled journey that will elevate your love for trekking to new heights.

The Inca trail to Machu Picchu

For all those travellers eager to combine the cultural highlights of the Sacred Valley with the world’s best-known hikes, this trail is ideal to satiate their lust for adventure and thrill; and test the limits of their mind, body, and spirit. The trek stretches for 26 miles(43kms), and is an intriguing combination of lush-green forests, subtropical jungle, beautiful mountain scenery, and an astonishing mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels.

Peru’s most enchanting city

Discovered in 1911, the Inca trail is a hiking trail in Peru that leads to the long-forgotten city of Machu Picchu, regarded as one of the most recognisable and popular archaeological sites in the world. The four-day trek consists of three overlapping trails, and is located in the Andes mountain range, and all throughout, one can dwell in the breath-taking bounty of nature as one passes through cloud forests, alpine tundra, and several other Andean environments.

Peru’s enchanting lost city of the Incas gives you innumerable reasons to be amazed as you trek through the various jaw-dropping sceneries, that you will probably never find anyplace else.

Immerse in jaw-dropping sceneries
The ancient settlements along the route are built in granite rock by the Incas, and are immersed in overpowering natural scenery, thus splendid in every sense of the word. One can spot hundreds of species of orchids, multi-coloured birds and dreamlike landscapes; all of which provide an excellent backdrop for a route that every hiker should trek to at least once.

Walk through the Sun Gate
Though there would be innumerable enthralling moments of all throughout the trek, yet, nothing can beat the moment when you walk through the Sun Gate and catch a glimpse of the city of Machu Picchu. Passing through the well-built Inca Trail which has around 18 archaeological complexes dotted along its route, one can see the irrefutable proof of the existence of an excellent ancient human settlement in all its splendour. That one moment makes the adventurer in you realise that you have not only accomplished a long trek but also given yourself a transformative moment.

World’s most exciting trail
Machu Picchu far surpassed our expectations as just an exciting hiking trail. The city is so vast and so complete that it defies imagination and has the capacity to take it to the next level. Our most thrilling moment was when we were trekking the holiest segment of the ‘Inca Trail’ to reach the city at sunrise on the fourth day, all the while exploring many impressive Inca ruins along the way and spectacular views of the mountains.

Impalpable elation
A feeling of immense elation washed over us as the sun rose from behind the mountains and the mist began to lift, revealing one of the most beautiful views of Machu Picchu. Seeing the wisps of cloud shrouding these ancient ruins the elation was impalpable, we had survived one of the most amazing four-day hiking walks in the entire world, and how. Inca Trail definitely gives every traveller more than one reason to make them satisfied, happy, and contended; all at the same time.