Switzerland – an enchanting family holiday destination


Set firmly in the heart of Europe between five countries, Switzerland has an astonishing cultural mixity. Every canton has developed its traditions, inspired by its neighbours and the Swiss character imbued in calm and serenity. Cosmopolitan? Yes, but also fundamentally independent! Backed by a tradition of neutrality and pacifism, this magnificent country where the Jura and Alps meet seems almost immovable, as if suspended in time.

Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa
“The cheerful family hotel in the mountains.” Relaxation at the new Alpin Spa.
The charming Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa lies 1,850 metres abovearosa kulm sea level, surrounded by the impressive Swiss mountain landscape in Arosa, Graubünden/Grisons. In its prime location on a slight elevation in the quiet inner part of the village and with its stylish diversity, the Five-Star Superior Hotel offers a unique Alpine atmosphere and is ideal for romantic weekends, family holidays or exceptional corporate events alike. 119 rooms and suites, six different restaurants, two bars and six function rooms are inviting places for cosy moments, interesting meetings and culinary pleasures. There is plenty of sensuality and relaxation to be found in the alpinspa, a holistic place that embodies a unique and inspiring world of water and Alpine wellness.

Arrive and be yourself, is the motto at the Kulm! That is what arosa-kulm1guests feel as soon as they enter the hotel lobby, which exudes the flair of a living room. The architectural signature of Jo Brinkmann, a hotel design specialist and the architect of the hotel, can be seen in the use of warm shades of red, fine and mostly chequered fabrics as well as natural materials such as wood and granite. He has managed to combine design and architecture with the distinctive, impressive and cosy mountain scenery of Graubünden/Grisons.

Arosa Kulm is the dreamstay for families and generations. Practicing winter sports or alpine hiking, our guests settle into their habits. With its panorama view, the spa is superb; at the edge of its stainless steel pool, whose soft and deep colours are evocative of a mountain lake, you find wellbeing for your body and soul.

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