European heritage in all it glory…

Europe might be the second-smallest continent of the world, but it’s also the birthplace of Western culture and has a whole array of heritage sites to look out for. One of these sites is the historic centre of Vienna with its rich architectural ensembles, including Baroque castles and gardens as well as the late 19th century Ringstrasse with grand buildings, monuments and parks. Austria’s capital city is also not only regarded as the “City of Music”, being home to waltzes and operettas, but also as the “City of Dreams”, because it was home to the world’s first psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud and enchants visitors from around the globe to step back in time and enjoy grand cultural heritage from long forgotten times…

History & Future
Step back in time and indulge in the luxuries of the Grand Hotel Wien, located in the center of Vienna on prestigious Ringstrasse, just a few steps from the famous Vienna State Opera and Kaerntner Street, the renowned shopping area. Since the opening in 1870, Grand Hotel Wien has achieved fame and notoriety by being at the very hub of Viennese social life and is the place to be in Austria’s capital today.

It’s glittering past and shining future are fused together and create an ambiance that takes you back in time, whilst enjoying the buzz of a modern and sophisticated city. Each of the 205 spacious rooms and suites at the Grand Hotel Wien are decorated in luxurious Viennese style, complete with rare antiques, rich fabrics, classic décor and fine furnishings to make your stay a memorable experience. In colour schemes ranging from soft beige to subtle rose, delicate green and opulent red, the magnificently appointed rooms are an oasis of calm and state-of-the-art soundproofing ensures a tranquil atmosphere in your room, after an eventful day in the city of Vienna.

The Grand Hotel Wien is home to three of the best restaurants in town. With spectacular views over the city, the legendary award-winning French restaurant Le Ciel by Toni Moerwald creates menus of international orientated Cheap Burberry Cashmere Scarf culinary art, while Unkai Sushi offers high quality sushi and sashimi in a very modern ambiance. If you are looking for a traditional Viennese Café, the Grand Café on the first floor of Grand Hotel Wien serves typical Viennese cuisine, varying from the classical “Wiener Schitzel” to the boiled veal “Tafelspitz” and “Wiener Melange”, a Viennese specialty coffee.

The Grand Spa N° 605 is an oasis of calm and wellbeing and offers you a sauna, a steam bath, a relaxation area, a cardio area and a rage of beauty and massage treatments on a total of Under Armour Speedform Studiolux Review 200 square meters. Beyond all the spectacular amenities and services of the Grand Hotel Wien, you will definitely enjoy one important bonus here: regardless whether you are chiefly interested in music, art, architecture or modern urban living, the most famous museums, cathedrals, cultural complexes and heritage sites are only a few steps away.

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