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The new art of travel is formed through lifestyle and design, as not only our everyday life concentrates on our individual needs and desires, but also on our travel dreams. Everyone has a different taste in things and would like these to be satisfied in one or the other way. Be it in terms of design – interior designs or fashion, or simply in terms of lifestyle – style of living or type of experiences. The new art of travel fulfils all our individual needs and desires in exceptional destinations with either fashionable design hotels or exceptional and individual travel experiences. Let us show you the fascination of Design & Lifestyle…

Trés Chic
When it comes to design, there will always be one name present – Giorgio Armani, not only a gifted fashion designer, but also an hotelier of elegance. Armani Hotel Milano, with its 95 guestrooms and suites, personally designed by Giorgio Armani and located in the heart of the world famous couture district, embodies the Armani lifestyle and design philosophies promising to take care of the guests sharing the Armani passion for comfort, elegance and service. Located on the seventh floor the dining venues, with their floor-to-ceiling high glass windows, give breathtaking panoramic views over the city centre and the skyline of Milano. armani
The Armani/Ristorante, praises on the rich gastronomic traditions of Italy and featuring a unique Enoteca as well as a magnificent Chef’s table located within the kitchen and the amazing yet elegant Armani/Lounge create the perfect places for an elegant dinner, an informal lunch or simply for watching the world go by while enjoying a relaxing afternoon tea or a pre-dinner Aperitif.

In the Armani/SPA with 1,000 square meters of beauty and peace, guests overlook the city from the top floor of the hotel, where individual treatments, private steam and sauna experiences, a unique fitness centre as well as a magnificent relaxation pool with its louvered window roof and walls are provided.

Indulge in the individual and elegant design world of Giorgio Armani’s hotel in Italy and get carried away by the fascination of Design & Lifestyle at once.

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