Ksar Char-Bagh Morocco

An oasis of tranquillity – Ksar Char-Bagh Morocco, Marrakech


The intoxicating fragrance of the herb garden and fig and olive orchards wafts through the air of the magical Ksar Char-Bagh, a Moorish palace nestling in the palm grove of Marrakech, just ten minutes from the Medina. The gentle rushing of the water irrigatingKsar-Char-Bagh-Morocco2 the gardens reaches your harim, a small private suite overlooking a terrace or a private garden. Guests may eat their meals where the fancy takes them: the French chef uses vegetables from the palace cottage garden. A huge red marble hammam, strolls in the gardens, orchard or around the farm, and a cigar cellar, smoking lounge and library bar add the final touches to this Moroccan paradise.

Paradise where culture and nature go hand in hand, this hotel has often been voted one of the finest hotels in the world. The soft murmur of the water that irrigates the gardens sings the beauty of this retreat, where the service tends to satisfy any desire.

You will be inspired by the stunning architecture and decor designed by owners. Guests decide for themselves where they take their meals, made ​​with vegetables from the garden of the palace. The steam for relaxation, gardens and pool, as well as the humidor, smoking room and billiard room complete this Moroccan dream.

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