A piece of paradise – exotic private island


Who doesn´t want to live out his own Robinson Crusoe adventure on a private island? Feeling like a castaway, experiencing foreign flora and fauna, observing unforgettable sunsets and enjoying the most beautiful spots of the world – yet not forgo on everyday luxuries and special treatments. Exotic private islands offer the perfect hideaways to go on your own Robinson Crusoe experience…

Tropical splendor

There are some places on earth that simply must be experienced to peterisland1fully understand. Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands is one of those places. While words and images can stir the imagination, you will never know the true magic of this paradise until you feel it beneath your feet.

Peter Island Resort & Spa offers a total of 52 rooms and suites as well as three villas. The rooms and suites peek through coconut palms and offer ocean views, while invigorating air is drifting in from the picturesque and tropical gardens, surrounding them. The villas are finely furnished, all with magnificent views and lavishly appointed. They are situated perfectly so that the tropical wind breathes into your open living space. The two restaurants and the lounge prepare only the freshest fare for you, as only the finest can complement the natural splendor that surrounds you on Peter Island.

Ancient traditions, revived on the shores of tropical bliss – this is the Spa on Peter Island. Ayurveda-inspired treatment will soothe your soul and arouse your senses. You will be awakened to a level of pampering unrivaled in all of the British Virgin Islands. Romance is in the air on Peter Island. It blows gently through the palms, through the ornamental exotic plants and flowers throughout the verdant landscape, filling the air with aromas, tropical flowers and salty air, coconuts and sea grapes. Walks in the evening along the marina, along the moonlit beaches, on winding paths throughout the island are enchanting.

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