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Are you also fascinated by Golden Goose Slide Pas Cher the arts, cultures and local communities of your holiday destinations? Then, you certainly belong to a small group of travelers that look for truly meaningful travel experiences and the ordinary seems Golden Goose Sneakers Sale just not good enough for you. There are just over 200 countries in this beautiful world that Barcelona Kits offer fascinating and multifaceted cultures to discover. So, start to learn about a few, novel and exceptional ones and live a lifestyle that truly means something to yourself and the world beyond…

Mesmerising History
Luxury, excellent wines and fascinating cuisine, long and rich history can be found in unexpected places. Everyone has heard of Orpheus, but few have explored his kingdom – the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, few have retraced his steps in search of Eurydice in the world of Hades through the cave Devil´s Throat and even fewer know about his illustrious peoples – the Thracians, with their vividly frescoed tombs and golden treasures, including the oldest human processed gold in the world dating back to 40c BC.

Come hither to listen to the mesmerising Rhodope music sooner than extraterrestrial civilisations can hear it – the local folklore song Izlel e Delyo Haidutin has now left our galaxy on board the space probe Voyager in search of other civilised beings. Explore monasteries, which since 9th century have preached Christianity in the local Bulgaria language for which the Cyrillic alphabet was specially created by two Bulgarian brothers in these lands. Indulge in food, locally sourced from an ecologically pristine environment and drink wine which kings have drunk for many centuries and now is winning gold and silver medals in international wine competitions all over the world.

Travel meaningful and do just this in the luxurious and cosy setting of Villa Gella, spoilt by the attention and care of the family which runs it, lulled by the seasons-based meals their chef conjures and the wines they blend. Villa Gella will awe you with mesmerising views in all directions and will envelop you in luxury and relaxing silence. A London-based designer together with a local architect have created an atmosphere of understated chic amid white-washed walls and wooden floors, warmed by wood-burning fireplaces and lit by large candle lanterns. The owner family´s art collections add sophistication and colour through the villa. Parajumpers Right Hand Herr With its multiple spaces – six en-suite rooms, large terraces, out-door sports area, in-door gym with a swimming pool, a large living room and a library, the villa creates opportunities for an active or a contemplative rest, for the enjoyment of a book alone or of a meal with friends and family.

Discover not only the history and achievements of the Thracian civilisation of the medieval Bulgarian state and its Orthodox monasteries, churches and icons and the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, but also the luxurious and unique comforts of Villa Gella.

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