Stretching along the southern side of Italy’s


Deemed by UNESCO Cheap Converse Shoes to be an outst Philipp Plein Pas Cher and ing example of a Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast is a beguiling combination of great beauty and gripping drama: coastal mountains plunge into the sea in a stunning vertical scene of precipitous crags, picturesque towns and lush forests.

Among the glittering string of coastal gems, legendary Positano and Amalfi sparkle the brightest, while mountaintop Ravello has the glossy fame of its grandiose villas and Wagnerian connection. Amalfi Coast gateway Sorrento is a handsome and venerable cliff-top resort that has miraculously survived the onslaught of package tourism.

A SINGLE VISIT TO THE AMALFI COAST is all it takes to understand the legions of love letters, poems and literature Italy has inspired. Confetti-coloured houses and ornate domes and spires jostle for space on sheer cliffs, looking out over the azure Mediterranean sea. And the light!POSITANO and AMALFI are the most famous villages, and although terribly touristy, absolutely beautiful. RAVELLO, on top of the cliffs, has unquestionably the best Golden Goose Pas Cher views; while CETARA our little secret – is quaintly cute with a little pebble beach to bronze on.

Aside from its sheer Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Sale beauty, the region is home to some superb restaurants and hotels. It is also one of Italy’s top spots for hiking, with well-marked Cheap Burberry Cashmere Scarf trails providing a great means of getting away from the coastal clamour.

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